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Certifications & Partners

EyeRise Technologies Certifications & Partners

As the technology is evolving at a rapid pace, EyeRise Technologies superior network and partnerships with leading IT giants help us remain ahead and adapt to such changes at an accelerated pace. Through our strong strategy, we are a group that remains ahead of technology, competition and business trends.

  • Microsoft Certified Partner – EyeRise Technologies draws enormous competence by being associated with the leading brand ‘Microsoft’ and being on its preferred partner list.
  • Drupal Association – Partnering with Drupal platform has given EyeRise Technologies its much desired reliability, flexibility, modularity and excellent security. Loaded with over 200 versatile features, efficiency in Drupal platform enables us to create compelling web experience for our customers.
  • Apple Certified Partner – Apple is the world leader in innovation and features the most powerful technology and intuitive platforms. Being associated with Apple as a leading partner, EyeRise Technologies gains immensely from its strengths and creates solutions for its clients that are par excellence.