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Stories of Successful Mobile Engagements with Apps

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REI: Acquiring High-Value Shoppers

As a best practice, REI creates tracking links that can be used with the previous media so that app downloads can be measured across app stores. Eyerise Marketing Cloud technology helps them to effectively understand which media campaign drove the highest number of downloads and the value of those users based upon their app usage and conversions. In addition, REI is now using “deep linking” capabilities to address use cases in which the customer already has the app installed. For example, they can direct the link to launch the app and display a specific product or category screen in the experience instead of launching the generic home screen or going to the app store. REI can provide better contextual experiences for users by implementing deep links to connect push notifications, emails, search ads, display ads, and more to the relevant app screen. Better experiences will lead to happier customers, and hopefully, more conversions.

MLB: Understanding Engagement at the Ballpark

MLBAM provides two primary apps for its fans. First, the Ballpark app helps you with your in-stadium experience, including ticket management. Next, the At Bat app enables you to watch live games when you are at home or your team is on the road. One of the key questions faced by MLBAM is “How do fans use our apps when they are at the stadium?” To address this need, they decided to set up geo-fences around their stadiums by defining points of interest in the Eyerise Technologies Marketing Cloud. After fans opt-in to providing their locations, MLBAM can collect data about app usage based upon their proximities to the stadium geo-fences.

Encouraging Users to Update Their Apps
Some of the most challenging aspects of app development include legacy support and the need to support multiple versions of your app. You want everyone to update to the latest version — and most will — but you can’t count on 100 percent coverage like you can on the Web. The mobile team at Eyerise Technologies can’t go back and change an older version of their app, and they know users on that version will face a broken experience if backend services like the shopping cart don’t support the old version. To address this challenge, Eyerise Technologies used in-app messages to alert users when newer versions were made available, and that they’re likely to experience something broken if they continue to use the current version. By presenting a relevant message, they were able to encourage 80 percent of users to upgrade to the latest version after they received the message.

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