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Tele Marketing Services

If you have not shown your faith in telemarketing service, then you are definitely missing out a huge part of revenue that could be generated from your business. Today, it is very important to allow your product or service reach to the prospective customers easily and according to their convenience. Therefore, telemarketing services has gained a big momentum as it can reach the prospects without investing time and money for visiting one-on-one.

Issues Related with Telemarketing on your Own

If you have decided to sell you product or service through telemarketing, then you should have proper setups to execute the process. Because the process of telemarketing requires some skills and proficient technicalities, that can be delivered only by professionals.

Why You Should Outsource the Service?

Today, every organization realizes the importance and value of telemarketing, but at the same time, they are well aware about the difficulties associated with the process. In the process of telemarketing, you have to convince people to buy your product of service, through which you can grow your business. However, the fact is, telemarketing process needs skills and experience, and it is not possible to execute the task efficiently for every organization and that is why they prefer telemarketing service experts to take care of the responsibility.

Why EyeRise Technologies?

We are one of the leading players in this business and provide our proficient service to all over the world. Our organization is comprised with highly trained and experienced call center agents who have been in business for years. Our inbound and outbound telemarketing service include,
• Telemarketing lead management
• Decision maker contract
• Lead generation service
• Debt collection service
• Appointment setting service
• Marketing intelligent service
• Database services
• Production promotion
• Customer satisfaction
• Research survey and polling
• Up and cross sell campaign
• Telephone and web based development
• Direct mail follow-up
• Seminar population

Telemarketing Cycle

1. Identify the Profile of Target Clients

 Industry sector
 Client by sales turnover
 Client by employee size
 SME or PLC focus

2. Agree on the Specific Sales Call Objectives

 New client data capture
 New client appointment setting
 Sales lead generation
 Finalize objection setting

3. Agree on Geography Strategy

 Local market
 National market
 Sales by country

4. Target Client Data

 Client data sources established
 Sales Lead Generation
 New Client Appointment Setting
 Finalize Objection Handling

5. Creating draft telephone sales pitch for call objectives and product launch

6. Remodeling draft sales pitch for client’s final approval

7. Appointment of project manager

8. Training and rehearsal of sales pitch

9. Email configuration form completed for setting up at client mail

10. Providing marketing material to client if needed

11. Sales reporting via web application, call recordings, report disposition

12. Project begins

How to Outsource?

Visit our website and submit your queries, we will contact soon with suitable solutions.

Software Used by EyeRise Technologies

• VanillaSoft
• CallPro CRM software
• TeleMarketing Software System
• Absolute Software Solution
• ICT Dialler
• Kinamu Telesales
• Vicidial and many more

Advantages of Doing Business with EyeRise Technologies

• Client to create draft telephone sales pitch geared to product launch and agreed call objectives
• EyeRise Technologies will re-model the draft sales pitch get final approval from the client
• Account Management: EyeRise Technologies appoints a project account manager
• Can be done through the web application like Sales now
• Call recordings if requested will be forwarded via FTP
• Disposition report to detail out the days performance
• Weekly review for performance check