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Digital Marketing 101

Embrace these Marketing Trends!

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  • People-Based Advertising Is Here!                                                                                                                The goals of advertising haven’t changed over the years; we’ve just changed how we go about it. Better data and technology allow us to target people with specific messaging as opposed to simply targeting devices, and people-based advertising is all about the fact that it’s people who buy — not devices. It’s about trying to understand the people behind those devices and the types of experiences they’re looking for. There are many opportunities for customers to engage with brands; 60 percent of us use multiple devices daily. This creates an audience that is highly connected, highly disparate, and highly fragmented; as marketers, we have to adapt to fit that new world.
  • Device-Centric vs. Person-Centric Advertising
    The goal here is to build a very accurate understanding of users across all their devices and to transform their journeys from being device-centric to being person-centric. This means knowing who those people are from an advertising point of view — really understanding their values across multiple devices.
  • Connecting Multiple Devices to a Single User
    Connecting a single user to multiple devices changes the way businesses view their audiences. If you have a dollar conversion that happened on a device and a second dollar conversion from another device, we view it as two visitors. From a revenue point of view, it’s a dollar per visitor. But, in the people-based world, I can see that both conversions were from one person, and they were, in fact, worth two dollars to me. We also know that multi-touch conversions are worth more —on average, 26 percent more — which further allows us to tailor content and messaging. This is a much different view of that user and allows you to focus better and identify and target more granular segments.

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